Prescribing for chronic pain: opioids and medical cannabis (Part Two)

Addiction One of the key urgencies in moving away from an opioid-based long-term treatment plan is their addictive nature, and the potential for this addiction to negatively harm patients in the course of treatment. This poses the key question: is medical cannabis any better as an alternative? While some evidence has been found across withdrawal […]

Prescribing for chronic pain: opioids and medical cannabis (Part One)

As trends have continued to shift over recent years in how chronic pain treatment is managed, opioids remain one of the major drug families which are considered as an element of a treatment plan. However, this drug class carries with it a highly addictive nature, which means they’re not recommended for integration into long-term plans, […]

What is cannabis oil?​

Cannabis oil is an increasingly popular natural remedy that’s used for its potential pain relief and pain treatment capacities. Utilised by people experiencing a wide range of diseases and ailments, cannabis oil is often looked to by those who experience back, neck and joint pain, either in an acute or chronic manner.  Cannabis oil is […]

Pain relief and cannabis​

Curious about how cannabis may provide pain relief for back, neck or joint pain?  Studies have shown that medical cannabis may help relieve inflammation, which can be a leading factor in the ongoing occurrence of chronic back pain. Pain relief via cannabis can also come through its potential to combat anxiety, which is often associated […]