Mothers & Clones

We can supply you your genetics or ours, as mothers or clones

The benefit of Tissue Culture is its ability to save very valuable space in a propagation facility while at the same time producing far superior plants to traditional Vegetative Cuttings. As Tissue Culture is undertaken at a micro level in 1 sqm you can fit thousands of plants which every 4 weeks will produce thousands and thousands of new plants.In a traditional vegetative cuttings program a mother plant can take up 1 sqm and only produce 100 cuttings every month. 

In addition you require expensive lights and greenhouse temperature control systems to maintain a good environment for mother plants to be grown. The higher cost of maintaining mother plants in the Cannabis industry brings the cost of Tissue Culture down compared to Vegetative cuttings.

Secondly, if you are a a greenhouse grower it’s much more efficient to use every square metre and very staff member you have for cultivating flower, for maximum yield. Purchasing in your Tissue Culture also means you don’t have to worry about managing enough cuttings for every growth cycle that are healthy to fill each room at the right time allowing a cultivator to focus on cultivating rather than breeding new genetics, managing cutting programs.

We let you focus on cultivation, whilst reducing risk and cost

Let us provide you with clean high health starter stock, when you need it.  We can provide it to you at a fixed cost and fixed time while you focus on the growing and maximising your yield and financial return.

Medical Cannabis Information and Updates

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