What is cannabis oil?​

Cannabis oil is an increasingly popular natural remedy that’s used for its potential pain relief and pain treatment capacities. Utilised by people experiencing a wide

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Pain relief and cannabis​

Curious about how cannabis may provide pain relief for back, neck or joint pain?  Studies have shown that medical cannabis may help relieve inflammation, which

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Joint Pain Relief

Joint pain is often experienced as chronic pain by individuals. Chronic pain has been found to affect between 30%-50% of the world population, with over

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Back and neck pain​

Back problems can cover a range of conditions that are related to the bones, joints, connective tissues, muscles and the nerves in the back. For

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medical cannabis

How research across medical cannabis could lead to back pain relief for Australians

The Australian Pain Society has found that one in five Australians live with chronic pain, including chronic back pain, neck pain and neuropathic pain. As chronic pain is also extremely costly as the third most costly health condition nationally, advances in research across traditional and alternative treatment methods can bring life-changing improvements for individuals while also contributing to a more robust national health system.

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Medical Cannabis Information and Updates

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