How research across medical cannabis could lead to back pain relief for Australians

The Australian Pain Society has found that one in five Australians live with chronic pain, including chronic back pain, neck pain and neuropathic pain. As chronic pain is also extremely costly as the third most costly health condition nationally, advances in research across traditional and alternative treatment methods can bring life-changing improvements for individuals while also contributing to a more robust national health system.

With medical cannabis emerging as one of the most potentially exciting natural treatments for a wide range of chronic pains, illnesses and ailments, it’s worth being familiar with what’s taking place in this growing industry. 

Cannabis oil has rapidly emerged over recent years as one of the most innovative natural pain assist methods for chronic pain, alongside a whole host of long-term illnesses and degenerative diseases. With plenty of early evidence suggesting analgesic and anti inflammatory properties, cannabis oil is currently used to treat diseases including Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, schizophrenia, type 2 diabetes, some cancer tumours, and is seen as a potential treatment for chronic back pain, neck pain and neuropathic pain. Everyday Australians are using medical cannabis, often in the form of cannabis oil, with many finding natural relief from debilitating pain and diseases. As crucial research continues, more uses for cannabis oil are emerging, as science and medicine explore all this powerful natural medicine has to offer in terms of improving our quality of life and increasing individual longevity. 

As medical cannabis is legalised in Australia, access is becoming easier. Patients are able to work with their physicians in order to begin using cannabis oil to address low back pain symptoms and potentially find anti-inflammatory relief via either topical or oral use. Cymra makes it easy to explore a natural pathway to pain relief, and their constant innovative research continues to bring ongoing relief to patients all across Australia whose lives are rapidly improved via this treatment option.

Research continues across the globe into the powerful capacities of medical cannabis, with hopes that this substance may lead to breakthroughs in long-lasting and chronic pains and diseases. 

Medical cannabis, particularly in the form of cannabis oil, will only continue to rise in prevalence. Recent changes to Australian law have seen CBD oil approved as an over-the-counter purchase in pharmacies, with this change coming into effect from February 1, 2021. This low-dosage availability is expected to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, assist with treating depression or pain in patients who are looking for relief. While these products are yet to hit Australian shelves, this is an exciting and positive development in encouraging more Australians to experience the potential benefits of medical cannabis in treating chronic pain and in seeking ongoing back pain relief. In the meantime, physicians can continue to prescribe medical cannabis to assist with a range of ailments, illnesses and diseases.

If you’re suffering from low back pain, chronic pain, neck pain or neuropathic pain, and you are still suffering from pain on your current medication talk to your doctor to see if cannabis oil can provide a better option. 

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