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Cymra Life Sciences is an Australian owned licenced and permitted cultivator and manufacturer of medical cannabis from the Australian Office of Drug Control.

We are focused on the clinical development of plant medicines for chronic neck and back pain.

WHY? We don’t believe there is good long term medication options and there are is nothing ATRG registered for long term non cancer chronic pain conditions.

We’re one of the first Australian companies to complete a Phase II study into chronic neck and back pain with promising results for pain relief, quality of life, adverse effects and safety.

The team at Cymra Life Sciences is innovative, ambitious and fast-moving, all backed up by years of experience across pain management, medical research, plant genetics and breeding.


Why we focus on chronic non cancer pain?

The use of opioids to treat chronic non-cancer pain is not a viable long term option based on the long term side effects and addictive nature of opiates that has created an opioid epidemic.

Chronic neck and back pain is the most common form on non cancer chronic pain and affects approximately 1 in 5 Australians over 45. Worldwide its a huge condition that affects many, especially the elderly and overweight.

Plant Medicines could be considered as an alternative 2nd line therapy prior to opiates for chronic neck and back pain. However, whilst observational data is strong around the world for plant medicines, randomized controlled studies are required for regulatory approval. 

Cymra Life Sciences has completed a Phase II open label study analysing side effects, efficacy, sleep, anxiety, toxicity and safety. 

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