About Us

Cymra Life Sciences is an Australian owned licenced and permitted cultivator and manufacturer of medical cannabis from the Australian Office of Drug Control.
We’ve set out to cultivate full spectrum medicines to enhance the lives of people living in chronic and neuropathic pain.

We are focused on the development of cannabis medicines for chronic and neuropathic pain.

WHY? We don’t believe there is good long term medication options for chronic pain conditions (i.e opiates) are a good long term medication and have serious side effects.

We’re one of the first Australian companies to develop medical cannabis through tissue culture propagation, a method which delivers a consistent, natural product, free from pests and chemical dependencies.

The team at Cymra Life Sciences is innovative, ambitious and fast-moving, all backed up by years of experience across pain management, medical research, plant genetics and breeding.


Why Do Genetics Matter?


Tissue culture propagation creates unique high health plants, free from pests & diseases.


Through cultivation a plant can be reproduced with identical genetics allowing for consistent GMP full spectrum medicines


High yielding crops, low labour intensive cannabis crops propagated through Tissue Culture are able to cultivate greater quantities over traditional cultivation methods.


With less exposure to pests and diseases, our genetics propagated through tissue culture plants grow more vigorously.

Our Strategic Pillars


Genetics & Tissue Culture

Scientific & Clinical Research


Condition Based Pharmaceutical Formulations


Partnerships & Distribution


Experienced Board & Advisory Team

Medical Cannabis Information and Updates

Want to keep up to date with the latest Medical Cannabis Information in Australia and from around the world? We will send you informative information from time to time so you can learn about cannabis and if it can help you.