Our Goals


To register a clinical cannabis product for chronic pain.

We believe there is an unmet need for chronic pain worldwide that provides an opportunity for cannabis as a 2nd line therapy

Thorough clinical research and product development to establish a registered drug with the TGA, FDA and EMA.


Cannabis medicines are changing the way pain could be managed for millions of Australian and international patients who suffer with chronic pain everyday.

The TGA has recommended to physicians that opiates are now not to be a recommended prescription medicine for pain patients, we believe that cannabis may be a good 2nd line therapy for pain patients worldwide. We plan to run clinical studies to provide evidence to prove it.

We also believe that there are exciting developments to be made around the chemicals within the plant that could alleviate pain. Cymra Life Sciences is researching all compounds of the plant and testing in formulations to understand how they may work in synergy to improve inflammation and pain.


To develop and supply cannabis genetics to the cannabis industry worldwide

Through conventional breeding we believe we can reduce the cost of cannabis flower and medicines through

  • increased yield through faster growth cycles, more flower
  • reduce pest and pathogen risk
  • provide agronomic benefits such  less labour costs


We also believe that breeding will provide more yield of unique chemicals, such as terpenes, non primary cannabinoids, or specific profiles that could help with certain conditions.

We are the only cannabis company in Australia, and one of a few worldwide, who are focusing on the genetic development and supply to cannabis cultivators.

Based on limited research, due to federal regulation, more effective strains can be developed quickly for pest and disease resistance, higher yields, specific compounds and agronomic benefits.

Our experiences in breeding and Tissue Culture in other industries allows us to accelerate quickly into this growing sector 

What makes us different?


We use tissue culture propagation methods to create unique high health cultivars free from pests & diseases for our cultivation partners.


Our products and clinical development plan are based on extracts which preserve the balance of the whole plant and target chronic and neuropathic pain.


Our team are world class leaders in  pharmaceuticals, plant breeding, genetics, tissue culture and drug development

How we can help you.


Medical cannabis has recently been legalised in Australia. We can help you to understand the process for accessing cannabis.


Understand our medical cannabis clinical trial, products, along with dosing and administration advice

Medical Cannabis Information and Updates

Want to keep up to date with the latest Medical Cannabis Information in Australia and from around the world? We will send you informative information from time to time so you can learn about cannabis and if it can help you.