Pharmacist Information

Cymra is committed to fast, cost effective delivery and service for pharmacists to provide to their customers.

Pharmacy Orders

The best way to order is through contacting us via email. We can manage for ordering, inventory levels, SAS Cat B paperwork, payments and delivery. Sign up below.

Should you have any queries about your orders, please email us once you have a phsyician’s prescription.

Once a patient has approval from both TGA and State Health Department, they can present their script for medicinal cannabis at the pharmacy of their choice.

We will then release the product to the pharmacy who will dispense to the patient.

Please note:
A pharmacist can dispense product to a patient only on receipt of an original prescription, as well as a copy of the TGA and State Health approvals (if relevant)

Please complete the following information to receive a copy of the
Cybis™ Balanced 10:25
Product Information Brochure:

Access to Medical Cannabis

Access the medical cannabis can be obtained through two primary routes, the Special Access Schemes A or B and the Authorised Prescriber Program:
Step one:
Firstly, patients must speak to their doctor or specialist about the possibility of using the product
Step two:

If the doctor believes a patient may be suitable, they can apply on the patient’s behalf to the TGA’s Special Access Scheme (SAS).

Step three:

Once the TGA has approved the use of medical cannabis for the patient, the doctor can pass the prescription onto a pharmacy.

Step four:

The pharmacist can order the product through Cymra Pharma.

Medical Cannabis Information and Updates

Want to keep up to date with the latest Medical Cannabis Information in Australia and from around the world? We will send you informative information from time to time so you can learn about cannabis and if it can help you.